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Jan 8, 2017

Atos Limited scam - Beware!

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So this is my story, it's started 5 months ago when a broker called Steven Gold called me and presented him self as a financial expert. He pushed to deposit 1000$ to make profits of 80% each month, I liked the idea and did not susppect because they claim to be connected to Atos consulting an FCA regulated company.

After I saw some profits on my account, they ask for a wire transfer of 20K$ for 10 trades a day when each trade is a secured one which mean I can't lose (or this is what I thought). They made only 7 trades in my account on the first week and 2 trades on the second week. I called them and asked them why they are not trading as promised? They stopped answering my phone calls and blocked my email...

Luckly Global FTI's Adam Goldman helped me to settle this matter with Atos, so I got 16K$ out of the 21K$ back to my bank account.

Big thanks to the guys who handeled this case in 4 weeks of hard work!


Yours Helga S.

Jun 21, 2018

Hi Felix!please email me or Skype @!cause I can’t seem to find you on fb or google+!Thanks

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  • ivanka.stenman
    Jan 16, 2017

    Global FTI managed to get my money back from binary brokers I had mailed to several times. It took them about two weeks to recover money I thought I had lost, and I got it all back! Thank you for great and effective work! Ivanka.
  • arnold hallgren
    Jan 13, 2017

    It was a once in April 2016 I had read on Face book that it was easy to get some extra money through stock companies. I contacted one that I thought was reliable. Introduce me to Arnold and said what my purpose was. I had the right place. I would get the best help the market. I would also get the bonus of the money I put in. I thought it sounded great good. So I set myself an account at the firm. I tested a little self for 5 and 10 dollars, did not want to get rid of the money. It would be so easy to channel extra money. But I felt it was not so, but there was no logic in this. It was the Up or Down in force. I got a call from the company, they tell us that they would help me with the trade. They were the profs so it sounded really good I thought. They called me up and told me what I would do Business went up and down the most in the beginning. There was much gold and silver purchase, profits fall into. One day I called the broker that we would double the money back guarantee that we had on gold. I looked and we vr on the winning side, and you could duplicate this, it was great. I had to put money back, so we could make the deal. I did so and I thought I did well. But the broker called and was angry that I had deposited money in the wrong way. I took nothing, but I told him I have done wrong. Please replace them money to my account. He did, got them back in a few days. We continued our collaboration, one day he called and said just today, everyone who deposits money right now 100% up to $ 3,000. I said I have no money, I have some credit but they may well not be used for this purpose. Yes, of course you can, we move back on Monday, but we get the bonus so we can do better business. Ok, I thought I was using my credit for this bonus. Are supposed to get them back next week, I thought. The week after my broker would call, but I heard nothing. The week went by and I wanted my credit money. So I took and asked for my money back, but nothing happened . A week after the phone rang from the company and said that my broker had stopped, so it becomes his boss would take over the job brokers. He was the head of my old broker, and would help me, I told him who it was that I wanted my money. But he asked me to let me help get you; I was very hesitant about this. ut after X number of times he called, I went along with this. We would be working through Skype and we did, that night he cleaned my account from $ 12,000 down to 700. I was of course totally despondent and wonder what he had done. He thought it was good for business, I took nothing, brooded all night. The day after I contacted the broker and ask how do you solve this. Cheat a little money. He told me he would help me, to get snapped up by a recovery group. What was that? Well a group that would set things right again. Should the trade go wrong one day so the company would bear the loss. But I had only $ 700 left  The next man who called to tell me he was the best that they had, and that it would go pretty fast to get back the loss. But he needed a little more capital to move about with. I told him everything that I have no money left, they have. the former broker bought away. I was completely scraped clean, but it was 100% that everything would be restored. I talked to my wife, she did not like this at all. But she offered to help. So with $ 5,700, everything would be fine, I thought! The broker started shopping, we went in early profit could move himself about $ 2,000 in one day. But after a week, it was also this money out. I was completely destroyed, the anxiety spread himself over me. Netterna was the hardest, when I just lay and brooded over everything that had happened. But one day the phone rang in my phone, he is presenting himself as Adam, wondering if I have suffered something fishy in binary options. I told my story to him and he promised to help me in case But it would cost 10% of what amount I had lost. I paid out the sum and hoped for the help, I had been offered. They took one and two weeks nothing happened. In the end, called Adam and told him what they had been up on the firm. It was a company to pour in Israel And they were difficult to do anything about, because it was not a European country. His advice was to contact the bank and credit companies on request our money back. I did so, but it was stopped by the bank. I had to Police notification this. But police could not do anything because the company was in a different country. But I got a No of Police that I could use when I asked for money back from the bank. So I made my notification, submitted all the facts that Adam and his friends had been developed. It took a while before the bank then got in himself. They tell me, that it had done right and I had done wrong. Sent this on to globalfti and they thought that I would appeal to new facts as they have been presented. Did so and banking and credit companies took up the case again. But the result was the same. I was a loser  had no chance left to return to see this money. I thought! Adam wrote a letter that I would pass on to the company, I did so. It took two weeks ago I had to bake 80% out of it as they conned by me! I am very happy and grateful for that result was like this, but without globalfti would never have gone. So I am forever grateful that it was this close. Do not hesitate if you encounter a problem, contact globalfti, they will help you when no other wish. Many Hugs to you all and a big thank you!
  • tradermv999
    Jan 12, 2017

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