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Scammers Offer Fake Jobs Online

Updated: Jun 17

Have you recently received a job offer to work freelance to promote an app and be paid with cryptocurrency? The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre (CAFC) warns it could be a scam.

In a bulletin posted by CAFC on Friday, they highlight a new type of job opportunity fraud that is increasing.

According to the CAFC, scammers use the name of a legitimate company to trick victims into advertising products, apps, or videos that the scammer has created.

“After the victim installs the software and creates an account, they receive 'orders' or 'tasks' to complete,” the centre states. “Victims might receive a small payment or commission to convince them the job is legitimate.”

The scammer promises payment in cryptocurrency, which will be deposited into a crypto account or wallet belonging to the victim. However, when the victim tries to withdraw the funds they've earned, they won’t be able to, even though the funds appear to be in their crypto account.

Cryptocurrency is becoming a common feature in fraud, according to the centre.

In June, CAFC warned about a scam called “pig butchering” where a scammer forms a close relationship with someone on dating apps or social media, pretending to be interested in a romantic relationship. They then claim to be a successful cryptocurrency investor and offer to help the victim start investing.

Scammers convince the victim to transfer funds to them for investment and provide some funds back initially to make the investment appear legitimate. Similar to the job opportunity fraud, victims only realize they have been defrauded when they try to withdraw funds from their crypto account and find they can’t.

So far in 2023, CAFC reports over 32,000 cases of fraud in Canada, with more than 21,000 victims and $283.5 million lost.

Unfortunately, by law, the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre (CAFC) can only assist victims who were defrauded by companies located in Canada. If you suspect you were defrauded by a non-Canadian entity, contact us today for assistance.

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